Wildlife photography workshops or photography tours are a great way to get up close and personal with wildlife that you might otherwise never have an opportunity to shoot.  However these tours are not cheap and therefore you will want to do your homework before you place your deposit.  Let’s face not all guides are cut from the same cloth and some tours are just ok and others are great.  We created this section of the website so we could help to point fellow wildlife photographers to quality tours and workshops and minimize the risk of ending up disappointed.  The tours and workshops reviewed herein are offered from people we know and have worked with in the field and we have been on their tours or workshops and therefore you can feel comfortable in trusting that they offer a quality service to their customers.  We feel it is important for you to know that Bear Images is not paid to endorse any of the tours we review, it is as a service to our viewers so they know they are getting a quality experience.

We also think it is important to make the distinction between a photography workshop and a photography tour so your expectations are set correctly:

  • Wildlife Photography Workshops: Unlike wildlife photography tours workshops do include instruction. You should expect your guide to be assisting you on location with improving your capabilities as a wildlife photographer like exposure compensations, camera angles, choosing pleasing backgrounds, how to approach the subject you are shooting, etc. And once the days shooting wraps up there is typically a session to review your images where your guide will make suggestions for improvement. This may also include a review of editing workflows in Adobe Photoshop, Elements or Lightroom so you’ll also learn how to process your images which is an important aspect for every wildlife photographer.
  • Wildlife Photography Tours: The guides role on a wildlife photography tour is to lead you or the group to the intended wildlife subject you’ll be shooting however it is assumed that you know what to do from that point forward. Photography instruction, post-editing workflows, image critiques, etc. are not typically included so if that is what you are after you’d be best served to sign up for a photography workshop.

Whichever guide you decide on be sure to ask your whether they offer a tour or a workshop before you sign up. As you read my reviews I intentionally call out whether the offering is a tour or a workshop. If you are just beginning your journey as a wildlife photographer I highly recommend you begin with a photography workshop as there is no better forum to learn the basics. If you are just starting out, before you register for a workshop spend the time to have a working knowledge of your camera or you will be spending precious time when you could be shooting crawling through menu’s and trust me that can be a frustrating exercise.  Your guide will be more than happy to assist with fine tweaks along the way and post session critiques but a little knowledge of your own will go a long way to making for a more enjoyable trip.

Have fun!!!